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One thing that you will always find in any new model of iPod is that new features are always being added. Regardless of which iPod you have, you can find updated information at Apple's iPod help center. Even if you have an older generation of the iPod Nano 8GB, you can still get your specific questions answered through iPod help at the Apple website.

Even though you might be aware of the new features of the iPod Nano 8GB, if you need help using them, visit the Apple website, which houses the help index. We will now highlight the top things that new iPod Nano 8GB owners have on countless times asked.

iPod Help 1: iPod Nano 8GB Battery details.For example, if you know ahead of time the projected life of your iPod battery, that will help you to plan for the time when you will need to be concerned about battery replacement. Be prepared to be without your iPod Nano 8GB for a few days while you send it back to Apple or a third party retailer for battery replacement; that is, unless you're brave enough to tackle the desoldering and resoldering of the battery yourself.

If you research further, you'll find many iPod help documentations on iPod batteries. iPod help also helps users to understand how they can conserve battery power, which will ensure they can enjoy their iPods longer before having to worry about battery replacement.

iPod Help 2: Know thy special features. While iPod help assists iPod users with dealing with audio and video files, it also has extensive information on other features of the digital device.

Knowing that the iPod Nano 8GB is much more than a music player is a powerful draw for many users who are looking for a personal assistant as well. Adding the address book information contained on your personal computer to your iPod means you will have all the personal information you require at your fingertips. If you get stuck while performing this function, don't hesitate to get help from the Apple iPod help index.

Actually, nothing could be easier. This is a good example of syncing, something you will find yourself doing over and over again with your iPod, using iTunes and your computer. Aside from the 'Sync My Address Book' feature of the iPod Nano 8GB, you can also sync your schedules using iCal for Mac or Microsoft Outlook for Microsoft Windows.

Using the Notes feature available with your iPod Nano 8GB, you can look up essential information on the go. You'll also find free and fee based software applications at the iPod help center. If all that the iPod Nano 8GB offers is not enough for you and you would like to install more software, the iPod help center can assist you with this.

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This article was published on 2010/03/31